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Supporting artists around the globe.
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'Not Shy' Collection - Red Pepper Sneakers
Not Shy

'Not Shy' Collection - Red Pepper Sneakers

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Eleanor Wolper has developed a new retail brand called ‘Not Shy’ using her amazing skills in contemporary art also exhibited with us at Galleria Balmain. Here is what Eleanor has to say about her amazing and exciting new products, something to light up your life!   

 "Ok, it’s simple I love colour and design and every imaginable surface; wood, clay, canvas, stone etc.. put it in front of me and I will create something.

It’s a lot of fun for me it’s not serious it's silly! All the "not Shy" collection is my watercolour art that I used to design the whole footwear collection. The collection "Not Shy" is the artists original art works bold abstract and "very colourful."

The collection is the many versions of fun and splash of, you guessed it, "Not Shy"

All work is artist's original work sold through Galleria Balmain.


Designed by artist Eleanor Wolper. Canvas boot, rubber soled, made in the USA.

All shoes are made to order, please allow a two week lead time on this product.